SWJ-320S Product Presentation (PDF)
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SWJ-320S Product Presentation (PDF)

Version: 1.5


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Product Features
• The Mimaki printer SWJ-320 S2/S4 has an excellent print quality, compared to other brands in the same price range of 3.2m printers.
• It offers high image quality with PVC, as well as with Banner media. The perfect choice for Outdoor and also Indoor applications.
• With the 7-pl variable dots it brings a smooth and beautiful finish, even when using the 4 color ink set.
• The Automatic suction, Automatic wiping system and the Purge keeps the heads in a optimal condition. Also in combination with the Nozzle recovery function it prevents the machine from stopping and increasing the productivity.
• The Mimaki printer SWJ-320 can be delivered with a 2-head configuration, the model(S2) or with the 4-head configuration, the model(S4). The 4-head model has a staggered printhead configuration. Speed of approx. 83.0m2/h in draft mode.
• The Mimaki CS100 ink is increasing the efficiency of the production.

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